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The LORH Management Team is pleased to announce a value added service to our vacationing or transient residents. Many of you go out of town for a weekend, week/s, or for many months and have no one to look after your unit for the most basic of services such as shutting off your water or taking in your balcony furniture in the event of a threatening hurricane. We have created a simple menu that can alleviate this concern.

  • Priority balcony furniture removal in the event a hurricane warning has been issued for our area.
  • Scheduled water valve shut off upon your departure, and turn on in advance of your return.
  • Walk through inspections of your unit to ensure A/C temperature regulation of your desired settings; and to ensure there is no evidence of water intrusion from sliding glass doors, windows, or by leak.

How it works? Contact management office for additional details including scheduling and pertinent paperwork.

Fee Options

  • $ 50 per scheduled trip*
  • $ 250 annual fee covers all trips away from your LORH home

*Includes one scheduled water shut off/on, balcony furniture removal and walk through done only during scheduled time away

NOTE: Please be reminded of our rules and regulations that require the shutting off of water to any unit that will be unoccupied for more than 48 hours.