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DirecTV Service Via Access Media 3 (AM3)

Programming Included: Bulk Choice package (over 150 channels w/ locals HBO and Showtime)

Digital upgrade Installation and equipment fees:

  • $29.95 per additional standard receiver after the second*
  • $49.95 per advanced receiver to be installed

*New Residents are entitled to receive two standard receivers with free installation

Advanced Equipment Fees

All new DirecTV customers are entitled to receive $100 instant rebate towards one advanced receiver

  • HD-RX- $99 upfront equipment lease (DirecTV will charge $10/mth HD access fee)
  • HD-DVR – $199 upfront lease fee (DirecTV will charge $10/mth HD access & $8/mth DVR service fee)
  • Standard DVR – $99 upfront lease fee (DirecTV will charge $8/mth DVR service fee)
  • Standard Receiver – $69 upfront lease fee if customer going beyond four standard receivers ($6/mth lease after the 1st rx)
  • Access Media 3 (AM3) Customer Protection Plan at $4.95/mth per receiver after the second


Contact Access Media 3 (AM3)


Phone:  (866) 263-3241